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Tablet Teacher App + Device Time = Guilt Free for Parents
Does your child spend too much time on their tablet or phone? Is it frustrating to get them to acknowledge any sort of learning? Are they in the grades 1-11? Then this app is for you.

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What is Tablet Teacher App?

Does your child spend too much time on their tablet or phone? Is it frustrating to get them to acknowledge any sort of learning? Are they in the grades 1-11? Then this app is for you.

Children and spending all their time on their electronics is an unavoidable issue. It is reported that the average child spends anywhere between 2 and 12 hours looking at screens. This time could be spent learning but many parents struggle to divert their kids from their devices. This app takes care of that issue through a fun and inventive way of gaining knowledge!

Introducing the Tablet Teacher. This app is based around sending a general knowledge quiz to your child’s device set upon the time of your choosing, that being minutes or hours in between each test. The test will freeze your child’s device and force them to answer pre-selected questions to have continued screen time. This concept allows you to have control over the amount of time and learning your child will have while keeping them interacted with something they love, their device! You have the power to select how many questions they will need to answer correctly to unlock their device again. If you do not want the device to be locked until the next scheduled test then you can opt to have 0 correct answers to unlock the device right away. Parents can even enter questions they want the app to send to their child. For example, enter this week’s spelling test questions into the app. Those questions will be sent to your child’s device to answer and now they are studying without even knowing it.

But what if they need their device for an emergency, you ask. No need to worry we have a feature that allows you to set emergency numbers that they are allowed to access while the device is frozen.

Put the power back in your hands and stop the constant fighting with trying to teach your children, give us that responsibility and we will give them knowledge in away that will force them to learn!

Now that you have decided this App is for you, follow these easy instructions to set up and get your kids learning:
Step 1 – Download the App
Step 2 – Choose SETUP, fill in all the info required in the setup process
Step 3 – Login to the App with the User and Password you just created
Step 4 – Open the Device page, setup the necessary information for your child’s device, this includes choosing a Username and Password that you will use to sign in for your child. You will also select the grade level, how many questions you would like to be sent and how often.
Step 5 – Download App on the device that your child uses
Step 6 – Sign into child’s device using the Username and Password you setup in the Device page.
Step 7 – Hand device over to child and watch them learn.
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Features of Tablet Teacher

✔ Free 7 day trial.
✔ Monthly or Annual subscriptions available.
✔ With one account you can control up to 6 devices.
✔ You can customize the questions you want your child to answer.
✔ You can specify how often the exams are sent.
✔ Parents can choose how many questions the child has to correctly answer.
✔If child fails test the device is capable of locking until the next exam is sent if desired.
✔ You can specify the emergency numbers that children can reach while app is active.
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